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“Detoxing is the highest form of self-love” 

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Cleanse Parasites manufactures direct to consumer herbal cleanse products in San Diego, California to customers all over the world. After hundreds of hours of research, we were led to the root causes of dis-ease being parasites, heavy metals, mold + myco-toxins and other chemical poisons in food, water, air and daily consumer products. We are doing our part to help you remove toxicity from your body through powerful natural herbal combinations that can be easily incorporated into your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Parasite Detox:

Yes. When you start your parasite detox cleanse you will be addressing a lifetime of potential candida fungus and intestinal worms that you probably didn’t know you had. These intestinal fungi / worms are a normal part of life however they must be kept in balance otherwise they can create several issues. Intestinal parasites can go undetected / undiagnosed for years while consuming and stealing vital nutrition from you. Candida and other fungus in your stomach can block nutrition from being absorbed. Parasites and certain foods can create gut permeability, aka. “leaky gut”. Candida and other fungi are caused by an overly acidic diet, poor eating habits, drinking liquids while eating, as well as parasitic waste. The full-spectrum of our ingredients address most unwanted organisms as well as eggs in the intestines.

According to research, tasting what goes into the body prepares the receptors throughout your digestive system to receive what is coming in order to be most efficient. Our powder has a somewhat bitter taste and will signal the receptors of your intestines and stomach accordingly. Parasite Cleanse capsules have no taste and liquid drops dilute or change the taste of what the body needs to receive.

Parasites in humans can cause anemia, low-energy, brain-fog, nutrient deficiencies, dry skin, skin rashes, flatulence, stomach pain, over-eating, food cravings and more! 

No, it is rare that Doctors in the Western world are trained to associate parasitic worms such as fluke worms, pin worms, or round worms as a root cause with any symptoms, disease or illnesses in humans.

At least once every 6-12 months for 2+ weeks at a time. It is also beneficial to do the cleanse again within 3-4 months to kill off any remaining worms / parasites. Don’t let parasitic worms thrive in your body. 

Yes. Our formula uses all natural herbal ingredients only as nature intended. No synthetic additives are ever used in our products. The ingredients we use are: Papaya Seeds, Wormwood, Clove, Black Walnut Hull, Diatomaceous Earth, Pumpkin Seeds

Your body will clear up several symptoms that you could never find the cause of.  You will eliminate toxins, most likely lose weight, have a lot more energy and no require as much food to feel satisfied. Nutrient absorption of key vitamins and minerals will be able to be utilized again through your digestive tract supplying your body with what it needs.

Many misdiagnosed symptoms are because of Parasites in the body, which can create skin rashes, auto-immune symptoms, hair loss, brain fog, confusion, attention deficit, digestive symptoms and more. Doctors are not trained on what most other country’s know and that is to do a cleanse for parasites at least two times per year. 

It is truly upsetting how many patients are clueless about parasites living in their body and can treat themselves naturally as nature intended instead of wasting time and tons of money getting tests by the “for-profit healthcare” racket that has plagued the Western world. If you have never done a parasite cleanse then the time is now. Before starting a cleanse, ensure that you can set time aside to relax in order to see how you are affected by the “die off”. The more symptoms you experience, the more your body actually needed a parasite detox cleanse. Keep a journal through the process and make notes of dates and times, how you are feeling, symptoms, bowel movements and any other thoughts that come up for you. This can be a very spiritual and enlightening experience as you purify your sacred temple, your body!

Yes. Research suggests that parasites do cause several autoimmune diseases. Visit our parasite research study’s page or do a quick search for yourself. 

Yes, all people and pets living in the same space should do their best to cleanse at the same time so that there is no spreading of parasites between people or pets. This is not mandatory however it is a best practice to ensure there is not rapid re-occurrence of infection.

Yes. Take “Binders” during any detox in order to remove the toxins from your body faster and lessen symptom severity


Binders “bind” to toxins in order to  remove them from the body via the blood more quickly. The toxins exit the body through stool, sweat and urine. Binder’s such as Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Coriander, Zeolite, Pectin, Fulvic / Humic Acids, Bentonite Clay, Activate Charcoal and others eliminate toxin re-absorption into the bloodstream. Order a Binders / Metal Detox Cleanse from our shop

Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Coriander, Activated Charcoal, Shilajit, Bentonite Clay, Fulvic and Humic Minerals, Zeolite Clay

Yes. A colon that is free of past food blockages is important in order for parasites, “die-off” remains and eggs can freely exit your body through your bowels. We recommend taking Psyllium Husk Fiber for 2-5 days leading up to your parasite cleanse.

You can cleanse your colon by eating fiber rich foods such as oatmeal as well as leafy greens and broccoli. You can also take psyllium husk with water for 2-3 days after you eat dinner. There are also teas you can drink such as Senna leaf tea. We offer Senna Leaf tea with our various bundles or in packs of 15 bags. These are all natural colon cleansers that will induce bowel movements. Natural herbal and food-based laxatives are better than synthetic over the counter laxatives as they do not have any added ingredients that may upset the balance of your gut microbiome balance and environment.

1. Drink lots of fresh filtered, spring or distilled water throughout the day

2. Eat lighter meals and nutritious foods. 80% fruits and vegetables, 20% protein

3. Mentally prepare yourself by writing down your goals and what the benefits of the cleanse will be. Keep a journal.

4. Relax. Dont do any strenuous workouts before your cleanse or your body will be taxed and craving calories, not to mention overworking your organs as you need their energy to remove toxins vs processing nutrition to repair muscle

5. Make sure that your bowel movements are regular and there are no blockages. Utilize more insoluble fiber like Psyllium Husk, Oatmeal or alternatively Senna leaf tea.

6. Lots of Vitamin C foods to give your immune system a boost going into the cleans

7. Rest, relaxation, stretching and meditation 

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Cleanse Product Reviews

"Been taking the heavy metal detox now for a few weeks. My dreams have been out of this world. What kind of metals do you think were blocking that? Fluoride on the pineal gland?" Customer
November 10, 2023
"I love this company and I love this product. It seems to be way more effective than other similar products. My health is improving so much by taking this product routinely coupled with a colon cleanse. I know I shouldn’t maybe take wormwood every day but it’s working for me right now. I’m taking a maintenance dose of 1-2 teaspoons every evening on an empty stomach."
Lisa M.
March 6, 2023
"Make sure you are ready for this. It's a detox of parasites. If you are use to detoxes you will be just fine, but if not you may feel a bit nauseous in the beginning. It's worth not having all those nasty parasites in your body. Eat clean. Drink lots of water."
Delia R.
May 12, 2023
"So far it has me feeling emptier on the inside if you know what I mean. Will update after 30 days."
April 19, 2023
"these things are no joke ! I have bad gut health issues and this was the strongest and most effective detox i've used thus far"
March 2, 2023
"I passed a whole bunch of worms. A huge 4 to 5 cm long worm, segments of tape worm and other smaller. By the way, I am a healthy eater who runs between 1 to 5 miles a day also I eat minimum fast food and sweets. So I thought I might not have worms but I had a bunch. Make sure you take it on full moon and with a binder like water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar, few slices of lemon or clorella tablets to avoid die off effects. Drink a lot of water. Take it religiously as indicated. Do not recomend to take straight 60 days but start on full moon for 10 days then rest a week and do it again. Why full moon? The parasites comes out to the colon to mate and lay eggs. I also gave it to my 8 year old and his teeth grinding at night stop. They say is a sign of having worms. My severe acne on my shoulders and back is gone. So when they say acne and eczema. Skin problems start in your gut it is true. Great product. Bought another 2 bags for the next time."
Mikey O.
March 22, 2023