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CleanseParasites.com is a small business based out of San Diego, CA that wants to spread awareness about parasites and the issues they can cause in humans, and all life forms really. CleanseParasites.com has worked with naturopathic Doctors to formulate the most effective herbal parasite cleanse product. We use this regularly ourselves! Our parasite cleanse is made with love in the San Diego, California, USA in a local commercial kitchen. We ship our herbal worm cleanse all over the world. The #1 goal here is to spread awareness about the importance of regular human deworming. While parasite detoxing is not a glamourous topic, it should not be overlooked. There are many people that report overcoming severe “non-curable” dis-ease’s by adhering to parasite cleanse’s.


The Story

Our founder Jonny has studied naturopathic medicine for over a decade and a half and is always willing to share knowledge with anyone who will listen. When speaking to his Grandmother’s caretaker one day, who was from the country of Honduras, Jonny learned that it was common knowledge for most of the world to do regular parasite cleansing 1-2 times per year. Jonny wondered why nobody in the USA knew to do parasite cleansing and he also thought about all the symptoms it was causing people who were none-the-wiser. Jonny and his grandmother’s caretaker had exchanged valuable knowledge, and that is when the idea was born for our Herbal Parasite Cleanse Powder detox. 

We want to pass on this knowledge and share all natural Parasite detoxing protocols with the Western world in hopes that it becomes a regular part of healthy living here too! If you ever have symptoms or dis-ease that cannot be explained or that you don’t trust the diagnosis for, why not try a Parasite Worm cleanse?

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