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Questions and answers about Parasites in Humans: Parasite Detox Cleanse, Parasite Removal Foods, Parasitic Infection Symptoms and more…


Should humans do parasite detox cleansing?

Yes. When you start your parasite detox cleanse you will be addressing a lifetime of abdominal and intestinal worms that you probably didn’t know you had. These are a normal part of life however they must be kept in balance, otherwise they can create several issues. Intestinal parasites can go undetected / undiagnosed for years while consuming and stealing vital nutrition from you.

What symptoms can parasite worms cause?

Parasites in humans can cause: anemia, low-energy, brain-fog, nutrient deficiencies, dry skin, skin rashes, flatulence, stomach pain, over-eating, food cravings and more!

Do medical doctors know about parasites in humans?

Not really. Doctors in the Western world are not trained to associate parasitic worms such as fluke worms, pin worms, or round worms as a root cause with any symptoms, disease or illnesses in humans.

How often should parasite detox cleanses be done?

At least once every 6-12 months for 2+ weeks at a time. It is also beneficial to do the cleanse again within 3-4 months to kill off any remaining worms / parasites. Don’t let parasitic worms thrive in your body.

Is your parasite detox cleanse all natural?

Yes. Our formula uses all-natural herbal ingredients only as nature intended. No synthetic additives are ever used in our products.

What are the benefits of a parasite detox cleanse?

Your body will clear up several symptoms that you could never find the cause of.  You will eliminate toxins, most likely lose weight, have a lot more energy and no require as much food to feel satisfied. Nutrient absorption of key vitamins and minerals will be able to be utilized again through your digestive tract supplying your body with what it needs.

Can parasites cause symptoms that Doctors cannot diagnose?

Many misdiagnosed symptoms are because of Parasites in the body, which can create skin rashes, auto-immune symptoms, hair loss, brain fog, confusion, attention deficit, digestive symptoms and more. Doctors are not trained on what most other country’s know and that is to do a cleanse for parasites at least two times per year. 

How long should I be taking the parasite worm remover detox?

It is suggested to take the parasite worm remover for up to 14 days, 2-3 times per year. If you have symptoms from the worm detox it means that there is significant parasite worm “die off” and you can continue to the cleanse as long as you can tolerate it. Everyone is different. 

What are the 3 classes of Parasites?

There are 3 main types of parasites: ectoparasites, protozoa, and helminths.
Protozoans consist primarily of eukaryotic and single-celled organisms. Four major groups: Flagellates, Ciliates, Sarcodina, and Sporozoans. represent protozoa.


Binders for Parasite Cleanse Detox


What do binders do during a detox?

Binders “bind” to toxins that in order to remove them from the body more quickly through stool or urine. Binder’s such as Charcoal, Bentonite Clay and others eliminate toxin re-absorption into the bloodstream.

What are the best detox binders made of?

Spirulina, Activated Charcoal, Shilajit, Bentonite Clay, Fulvic and Humic Minerals, Zeolite Clay, Chlorella


Colon Cleansing

Is it important to cleanse the colon before, during, and after a detox cleanse?

Yes. It is important to make sure the colon is not clogged from food debris before, during, and after a colon cleanse.

Why should I cleanse my colon before a parasite cleanse?

A colon that is free of past food blockages is important in order for parasites, “die-off” remains and eggs can freely exit your body through your bowels. We recommend taking Psyllium Husk Fiber for 2-5 days leading up to your parasite cleanse.

What is a good natural fiber to clean the colon?

We recommend Psyllium Husk as a natural fiber to cleanse the colon. Drink lots of water and fluids when taking Psyllium Husk. Psyllium Husk is a very dense absorptive fiber and has a tendency to use a lot of water in the body as it unclogs you.

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