What are steps to take in preparation for a parasite cleanse?

We are never told that we should always be detoxing our body’s from parasites, metals and toxins that are in our food, water and air. The toxins need an easy way to exit your body, and this is mostly through your colon. The following are some steps to take in preparation for any cleanse:

  1. Make sure your colon is mostly clear by eating lighter foods before a cleanse. Stay away from meats, sugar, breads and alcohol. 
  2. Use Psyllium Husk, Oatmeal or other fibrous foods that make you clear your bowels. Do this 1-2 days before your cleanse. Drink plenty of  clean water to flush your body (the fiber will absorb a lot of water in the body).
  3. Purchase “binders”. These are important to have for when you experience any detox symptoms like headache, fatigue, over-thinking, stomach issues, etc. They will help you so much to get through the discomfort and move the toxins out of your body faster vs. re-circulating in the blood. Drink lots of water with your detox and wait to take “binders” at least 45+ minutes after the Parasite Detox servings. 

What are some good binders?

I like spirulina, wheat grass juice/powder, shilajit, fulvic minerals, chlorella or bentonite clay. We will offer these on our website soon however you can order them online or buy them locally.

We hope these steps help you have an easy parasite cleanse or any detox as you will have an easier elimination of toxins from your body without re-circulation of toxins through the bloodstream and body.